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The YWCA - Our Genesis & Background

The YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association is an international movement that unites 25 million women from over 100 countries holding a vision of a fully inclusive world where justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women's leadership.

The YWCA is a set of autonomous community-based non-governmental organizations. As non-profit membership associations, the YWCA is run by and for women of the community and their families.

The World YWCA was founded in 1894 by four associations: Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. YWCA work had first begun in Britain when Christian women responded to the housing, recreation, and spiritual needs of young girls who had migrated to the cities during the Industrial Revolution. Since that time the YWCA has grown into global movement of women that continues to meet the needs of women and girls in over 100 countries worldwide.


Faith in God the Father Almighty and in Jesus Christ His only Son, Our Lord and Saviour, and in the Holy Spirit

Promotion of the full development of women and girls through its programmes and to develop a membership that is responsive through service to the changing needs of the community in a changing world.

The YWCA of India:
An umbrella organisation affiliated to the World YWCA with 87 local associations in India. The organisation works for women's empowerment through a variety of programmes , the most important of which are leadership training for women, advocacy work on all women's issues, and community development work . The YWCA also runs 40 women's residences across the country providing housing for working women as well as emergency shelter for women. The YWCA of India is also a part of a network of 7 women's organisations based in Delhi and works together with them on common issues.

YWCA of Bombay:
The YWCA of Bombay was established just over 127 years ago with the goal of promotion of holistic development of women and girls through its programmes and also to develop an active membership that is responsive to the changing needs of the community in a changing world.

The YWCA of Bombay is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 under No. 44 dated 06-08-1952 and under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 under No. F/388 (Bom.) dated 13-07-1953.

The Vision of the YWCA is to empower women at all levels to struggle for justice. This means moving into a Mission that is rooted in the reality of our country where people are victims of economic and social injustice and are manipulated by socio religious and political powers. This Mission demands a changing of structures that are hierarchical and patriarchal, thereby encouraging equal participation of women at all levels. It also demands a change in the structures and ways of working within the YWCA, breaking down barriers of class and caste. A major focus must be awareness building, study and analysis which must become necessary dimensions of every programmme in the YWCA. It is imperative that the YWCA works with organizations with a similar Vision and Mission. Further it is required of every YWCA member/leader to have a commitment to this Mission.

We affirm and commit ourselves to empower women to demand justice and struggle against social, cultural, economic and political injustices. As inheritors of the Christian faith and heritage, we are called upon to be initiators of change through a process of partnership in action. Consistent with our vision, our mission is to enable women of all age, caste, class and creed to address issues, initiate action and generate alternatives suitable to their local situations. We commit ourselves to sensitise our membership towards the prevalence of violence against women and children, lack of participation in the political will towards health care, educational needs and effective implementation of legal provisions.

To make our mission a reality, we need to open our membership to all women and network with organizations concerned with human rights. Our mission includes advocating attitudinal changes in family, society and promoting changes in State policies.