Women in Distress
AASARA - A place for women to drop-in, talk, listen & share their problems.
AASARA seeks to provide support to individual women in their struggle.  Women in distress can come in times of need and counseling and have alternatives suggested to them.

YWCA of Bombay - Byculla 
Achamma Bhavan,
75, Motlibai Street, 
Mumbai - 400 008.
Tel: +91-22-2309 6544/55

Day & Time
Tuesday 2pm - 5pm

Cases Referred  
Ladies with marital problems, seeking divorce, separation.
Sexual harassment at home, work place, forceful marriage.
helping ladies in crises situation to find jobs to support themselves.

We have 3 members and a lawyer who come regularly on Tuesdays and attend to the clients. They counsel the couples and their family members who are having problems. They send letters and call them for meetings at our office.

Our lawyer takes their cases in the court. They also help couples to sort out their problems and live happily with their spouses. 

Temporary Emergency Shelter, Asha Kiran, Andheri
Women seeking any kind of assistance related to the above may also drop in at our Temporary Emergency Shelter for women who are victims of domestic violence a place where they can come out of their traumatic experiences and gain self confidence. Such women can spend time here and plan their future course of action.

YWCA of Bombay - Andheri 
Asha Kiran,
53, J. P. Road,
Andheri (West), 
Mumbai - 400 058. 
Tel: +91-22-2670 2831/39/63/72/3021.