YWCA Hostels - More than a home away from home
The YWCA movement's earliest programme was housing for young women away from home. It continues to be a much needed service to women of all categories. 

The hostels aim to provide young women not only with reasonably priced housing but also opportunities for growth, making them self confident at the same time sensitive and responsible to other women. It is the aim of the YWCA in administering hostels to provide a home for employed women, which shall have a Christian atmosphere where happy and friendly relationships are maintained and where opportunities are offered for personality development.

YWCA of Bombay has 4 hostels and accommodates over 250 young working women, belonging to different communities and creeds. They come from all over India to work in the city of Bombay. In these hostels transient guests are also accommodated.

Various activities are organized to build their self confidence and the ability to face the problems when they go out to work. Daily evening prayers are said in all the hostels. 

Efficient hostel secretaries are in charge of looking after the running and affairs of the hostels. The hostel rules and regulations are updated and was done so recently.

Daisy Lawson Hostel - Colaba
Located in Colaba on Wodehouse Road, this hostel has started functioning, after renovations. This hostel is aimed at select older working single ladies, who need have a place to stay and cannot stay at the other YWCA Centers. 
Hostel Girls celebrate a Birthday

Dipti Dhaman Hostel - Andheri
Located at Asha Kiran, Andheri, this hostel provides accommodation only for working women. The hostel is seen as a secure and comfortable abode that is reasonable priced and thus is always full with a long waiting list. There are about 100 girls - all professionals. 

In-nights are held once a month where residents have an opportunity to interact with one another and discuss relevant issues. The programmes conducted have been talks and discussions on topics such as conditions in red light areas, play readings, how to invest your money etc. 

The charges are Rs. 1000/- plus 7.5% of gross salary every month.

Lounge at Dipti Dhaman Hostel  Achamma Bhavan Hostel, Byculla

Achamma Bhavan Hostel - Byculla
Provides accommodation to working girls with lesser income and to some of those who are studying for the various courses in Vocational Training Institute. YWCA Hostels are mini societies. Young residents need opportunities to discuss careers, fear of failure, work ethics, peaceful community living and the realities of the job market. They get this at the regular In-nights where residents have an opportunity to interact with one another and discuss relevant issues. These are always well attended and draw many enthusiastic participants.  

An evening of togetherness, with cake symbolically cut and all the residents whose birthdays are in that month are wished. Dorm Reps are thanked, new residents are welcomed and residents leaving are wished a happy future in all their endeavours.

Various sub-committees have been formed to handle health, daily prayers, kitchen and mess (self managed), entertainment and games, wherein residents are encouraged to participate, share ideas and solve problems. Dorm Reps are changed every 2 months, 2 in each dorm to encourage leadership responsibilities.

The charges are Rs. 500/- plus 10% of gross salary every month.

Independence Day Celebrations at Hostel  Dormitory at Achamma Bhavan Hostel

Lady Willingdon Hostel - Fort
Located in Fort, this hostel provides accommodation only for working women. The Lady Willingdon Hostel continues to grow from strength to strength, providing a safe shelter for young working women who take up employment in Mumbai. 

Keeping this in mind, and leaving no stone unturned, the Hostel constantly undergoes upgradation of living conditions and facilities for the comfort and safety of it's residents. This year our Heritage building underwent major renovations. Two PCOs were also installed to cater to the convenience and emergency needs of the residents.

To give the residents a sense of belonging and self-management, there is a Resident's Committee comprising two representatives from each floor and a Mess Committee consisting of 4 residents, one from each floor. This allows them to be in control of day to day activities including mess services. "In-night'; happens once a month and is set aside for residents to basically mingle with each other thereby creating a spirit of geniality. 

The charges are Rs. 3,000, 2,800 and 2,600 respectively.

Dinner at the Lady Willingdon Hostel Inauguration of the Anugraha Hostel

Anugraha Hostel - Belapur, Navi Mumbai
The Anugraha Hostel which was a single storeyed building accomodating 25 girls has been reconstructed into three storeyed building accommodating 70 working women, students and transient guests. This building was inaugurated on 26th January 2001.

There is an activity area named after "Savithribai Phule". The rooms are airy, ventilated and well furnished. Each floor has a common lounge, provided with T.V. A well equipped modern kitchen has been provided for the meals to be prepared.

Admissions have commenced. Since there are number of professional colleges nearby, more students avail the hostel facility here.