Membership Information
We have a total of 367 members. Our membership and programme committee chalks out programmes for the year and has its eyes and ears open to public and social issues and responds to the needs affecting society particularly focussing on women and children.

The YWCA has numerous activities and programmes that members are invited to contribute and be a part of. Membership is open to women and girls irrespective of religion, community, creed, social or economic status.

Types of Membership:
Membership is of three types

Electoral Member:
Any woman who is a Christian and is eighteen years of age or over, and acknowledges a personal commitment to the Christian Basis, and accepts the Aim shall be entitled to Electoral Membership in the Association.

Associate Member:
Any woman eighteen years of age or above, who is in sympathy with the Aim, but does not subscribe to the Christian Basis may become an Associate Member of the Association, without the right to nominate, to vote, to stand for election or to hold office.

Junior Member:
Any girl over eight and under eighteen years of age who wishes to join the YWCA of Bombay may become a Junior Member.

Responsibilities of the Members:
1. Members shall assume responsibility to understand, uphold and maintain the principles of the Association.
2. Members shall promote and participate in all programmes of the Association.
3. Members are encouraged to participate in the training programmes organised by the Association from time to time, to further their own understanding and effectiveness as volunteers in the YWCA.
4. Members shall endeavour at all times to uphold the spirit of the YWCA, as well as uphold and maintain the basic standards of the YWCA movement in all aspects of Association life.

How do you benefit by becoming a member?
1. Members can avail of all facilities provided by the association.
2. The organisation provides a platform for talents and resources to be used for self development and for the development of others with whom one relates.
3. The organisation provides opportunities to work with other like minded people.
4. Every member becomes a part of the worldwide network of women and girls working for justice, peace and the rights of all people.

For effective functioning, the membership is organised as area groups, and members are encouraged to be part of an area group, all of which come under the YWCA of Bombay. The following are the area groups.
1. Fort
2. Byculla
3. Andheri
4. Bandra
5. Chembur
6. Belapur

As part of its advocacy programme the YWCA of Bombay also participates in campaigns and public actions on issues of human rights, women's rights, environmental issues and communal harmony.

A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM must be completed (This cannot be done online). Apart from personal information that is requested for, and an undertaking that the applicant signs, a introduction is required to be made by an existing member.

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