Women's Development Unit (WDU) Objectives
...A young widow of 20 years, young mother of a 3 month old baby - her husband, cruelly snatched away by the hands of fate in an accident, had no skills or qualifications to show... What do you think she must have done?? Broke down.. scared?? She was, but she also put together the pieces of her life and decided to begin her journey of courage and determination. She joined our Vocational Training Institute and took training in Nursing Care assistants course. Worked hard to gain her confidence. Today, she is earning and living her own life...

...A 15 year old young woman. She bears the entire responsibility of her family. She is the only earning member of her family .She attends VTI (Vocational Training Institute) classes during the day and then manages a part time job. Carrying on, determined to carve a niche for herself in the society...

Yes!!! These are the stories that seem extraordinary, but not unusual. The exact percentage of young women undergoing hardship is unknown. Even to define hardship is relative. 

The Women Development Unit of YWCA Mumbai aims to reach out to these innumerable and faceless individuals. YWCA works with these young women to develop their identity among the faceless crowd of society. It has completed thirteen years of fruitful service.

WDU in lieu with YWCA's goal has set for itself the following objectives: 

1) To create a platform for women to come together, explore their potentials and possibilities.
2) To provide guidance to create self help groups for women.
3) To develop income generating cooperatives.
4) To provide vocational training for young women from vulnerable marginalized section of the community.
5) To promote activities in communities that will aid the holistic development of women, adolescent girls and children.
6) To provide Balwadis and study classes for children in communities.
7) To conduct literacy classes in communities as per the requirement of the women.

The WDU has evolved into the following areas
Vocational Training Course Community Development Programmes
Nursing Care Assistants Course
(1 year)
Balwadi Teachers and Creche Workers
(1 year)
Mahila Mandals
Companionship Help for the Ages, Sick & Infants (6 months) Tailoring Classes
Office Assistants
(6 months)
Community Health Workers Course
Tuition Classes
Adult Literacy