Institute of Baking & Nutrition
Lets Visit the 'Y' Bakery and Confectionery !!!

The YWCA initiated a Bakery division in 1972 to offer a variety of courses for housewives, young girls and working women either for acquiring greater aptitude or by way of starting their own earning course, or making and selling such bakery items themselves.

Bakery Classes Community Nutrition Programme

Government Recognized Certificate Course Conducted by YWCA Institute of Bakery and Nutrition Education

The bakery division has grown to be a fine and fully grown unit, and the earlier short courses have now evolved into a professional, government recognized, one year course in bakery and confectionery, open to ladies from all walks of life.

The fees for this highly course is very moderate. The syllabus includes six to eight weeks of on the job training at places such as Taj, Ambassador Flight Kitchen and Hotel Regent etc. The high standards maintained invariably result in helping all students pass with first class, government certificate awarded to each candidate proves of great value. All of them secure highly paid respectable jobs lead and independent life. The department also continues to conduct successfully vacation batches of short courses in the month of April, May and June every year.

Demonstration in Progress Bakery Department

Highlights of the Bakery Department of the YWCA of Bombay

Community Work:
As part of our service to the community 38 girls from Asha Sadan rescue home for girls and children have been trained both in Baking and Nutrition. They are now able to cater to their members at the various meetings held there.

Empowerment Project:
In keeping with the vision and mission of the "Y" the bakery division has begun a new project from February 2001 for empowering women, herby young girls are trained and are now gainfully employed.

Short Term Courses:
The Short Term Courses attracts not only elite but other ladies who hail from low income background .They have sponsored by BMC under the Swarna Jayanti Rojgar Yojana.This training has empowered them tremendously as they trained to form co-operative.

Recognized Courses and Other Activities:
Besides regular curriculum students are involved in other activities such as Inter-Collegiate Quiz Contest, bakery visits and 8 weeks Industrial Training at the Taj & Ambassador Flight Kitchen and the Gaylord's restaurant. The Inter-Collegiate Quiz Contest was sponsored by Nestle products, on 25th Jan 2002 at the SNDT Juhu. The students of YWCA secured third place.

"Y" Bakery Delights Include:
Cocktail pizza, pineapple pastries, sponge cakes, brownies, masala bread, Chelsea buns, chocolate and cream Doughnuts, ice box cookies, sesame cookies amongst many more.


Short Term Courses:
15 Lessons,30 items
Twice a week
1.30-4.30 p.m. 
Certificate Awarded 

Recognised Vocational Course:
One year
10.00-4.00 p.m.