Community Development Programmes
YWCA is currently engaged in community development activities in 6 communities (namely Makarpada, Andheri, Govandi, Wadala and Chembur) with various need based programmes.

The child lives in a world of wonder. Unfortunately it's curiosity and spirit are often crushed by lack of opportunity. To counteract this, YWCA conducts balwadi's where children from the age group of 3 to 6 years learn not only to read and write but learn through plays and games. Mothers are taught how to make a low cost balanced meal and nutritious food for the children. Children are provided with supplementary nutrition.

Children at Byculla Balwadi  Mahila Mandal - Makarpada Community

Economic Independence is the key to raising the social status of women. YWCA tries to0 achieve this by focussing on education on education of women and girls and their financial independence. Regular meetings and discussions promote awareness of health, hygiene, nutrition, women's rights, communal harmony and other issues that have a direct impact on women's lives.

In each of these Mahila Mandals, there are upto 30-35 members. These women have a lot of potential and enthusiasm. They are eager and have the willingness to learn, they only need people to guide them and indicate options.

To promote feelings of self work and confidence among the women, YWCA provides them with training in various skills and leadership. It teaches them to shoulder responsibility. Skills like garment making, beauticians, mehendi application, costume jewellery making, embroidery. This offers invaluable opportunities for women to become economically self sufficient and provide them with sense of purpose.

To combat scholastic backwardness and dropouts regular coaching classes and non-formal education programmes are held for the community children. Extra curricular recreational activities, competitions and sports meets are also held for their overall development.
Coaching Classes conducted at Byculla